Scam Alert Update

Important Note to Customers

Dear Tsonga Customers,

Unfortunately, Tsonga SA is currently the subject of social media pages posing as us and redirecting our customers to fraudulent websites.

Please make sure you are shopping on our official Tsonga websites:

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Our leather bound story is born out of an ambition to create an international footwear and accessories brand with humble roots and a strong African heritage. Tsonga wholly embodies a collaboration of passionate people, their creativity and their talents to bring about a positive difference in society.

Introducing our new

BioVeg Uppers

Tsonga is very excited to introduce a new leather alternative in our product ranges that speaks to our overarching sustainability goals as a brand. BioVeg is unlike other fossil fuel/synthetic leather alternatives. It is made up of plant-based and natural resources combined with recycled materials and is a responsible leather substitute choice achieving reduced carbon emissions and lower water consumption in the production process.

BioVeg has a low environmental impact and offers long-lasting wearability just like leather. In the long-run it is also a product that is biodegradable curbing the additional pollution of an already over-polluted planet.

Browse our BioVeg Collection


Tsonga has a strong global reach that is aimed at both women and men who hold quality and comfort paramount in their search for the perfect shoes, handbags or accessories.

We are simplistic but significant in our designs and the creation process is artisanal. Tsonga strives to create beautiful items that offer the discerning customer long wearability spanning several seasons